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Our MULTIVAC birthday offer


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Basic module for MULTIVAC Line Control (MLC) - free-of-charge, when you purchase a line with more than three individual MLC-compatible machines*

Increase your process reliability and line efficiency!
We set the benchmark with our MULTIVAC Line Control (MLC), when it comes to system availability, operating convenience, process reliability and line efficiency.


MULTIVAC Line Control makes it possible to control your entire line from any MULTIVAC HMI 3 control terminal. The correct settings for each recipe are loaded automatically and passed to the line modules. You are informed at all times about the status of the line and any potentially disruptive factors - and you can then react quickly in a targeted manner. MLC also serves as an important platform for MULTIVAC Smart Services, which offer additional added value. Starting with the Smart Production Dashboard, through to OEE Analyzer and Machine Report, and right up to MULTIVAC Pack Pilot.

If you purchase a MULTIVAC line in June 2021 with more than three individual MLC-compatible machines, you will receive the basic package of our MULTIVAC Line Control as an entry-level offer - absolutely free and with its full capability.

Make sure today of the full benefits of MULTIVAC Line Control!


*This offer is only valid for equipment, which is ordered in June 2021. For more price information, please contact us via the contact form.
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MULTIVAC Line Control - basic module - completely without any additional charge

The new dimension in packaging

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The new MULTIVAC standard - recommended for all MULTIVAC lines

MULTIVAC Line Control (MLC) makes it possible to control all the line modules efficiently from the HMI 3 control terminal of the packaging machine - and all with maximum operating convenience and a high level of process reliability.

The entire line can be started and stopped with just one click. Potential faults during start-up are minimised, operating errors are reduced as is the travel distance between modules, and the availability of the system is increased significantly. The central recipe management of the line ensures, that all the individual components of the line are operating with the correct settings, and that the appropriate print data and layouts are automatically loaded. The required recipe changes are therefore performed extremely efficiently and reliably.

Running the machine empty also occurs fully automatically. The residual products and packs run through all the remaining process stages, until the complete line is run empty and ready for a change of product or recipe.

A further benefit: Unplanned line downtime, for example due to lack of material or a triggered safety circuit, can be identified at a glance via the clear and transparent line status report. This means the appropriate measures can be introduced quickly and in a targeted manner.

The automated capture and processing of all the relevant machine parameters also forms the basis for our MULTIVAC Smart Services - and this is an essential building block for maximum performance, the highest level of operating convenience, and above all for future-proofing of the line.



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Take advantage of our attractive June offer

Experience the impressive performance of our MULTIVAC Line Control for yourself. Our top offer for the month of June: If you purchase a MULTIVAC line with more than three individual MLC-compatible machines, we will gift you the basic module of our MULTIVAC Line Control. Do you want to learn more? Your contact person at MULTIVAC will be happy to help.



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