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Our MULTIVAC birthday offer


Attractive, exclusive and new every month – discover our current offer from one of our business units!

And make sure you also get a piece of the cake!

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Our MULTIVAC Smart Services - one whole year for you without charge!

Do you want to maximize the availability of your packaging machine and at the same time increase the efficiency and transparency of your packaging process?

Then take advantage of our current offer of the month without delay, so that you can use the opportunity of our MULTIVAC Smart Services for a whole year without charge.

Benefit from the intelligent and already well-proven MULTIVAC Tools:


Smart Production Dashboard, Smart Data Backup, Smart Machine Report, Smart OEE Analyzer, Smart Log Analyzer and MULTIVAC PackPilot*.

By linking your packaging machine digitally, you can access information about the current production status from any location. You can monitor and optimise your packaging process, detect bottlenecks and faults, and even create new recipes simply and reliably.

Our exclusive offer is open to all customers, who invest in March 2021 in a new, Smart Service-enabled MULTIVAC packaging machine**, or who would like to activate our digital solutions on an existing packaging machine (with the appropriate hardware).

* MULTIVAC Pack Pilot is only available for models of the X-line series

**Smart-Service-enabled machines have the appropriate hardware - MULTIVAC Smart Link – for connecting to the Smart Hub, the MULTIVAC Cloud.

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Process optimisation in a new dimension.

Thanks to groundbreaking digital solutions, we at MULTIVAC can already offer our customers a wide range of tools, which make a significant contribution to significantly higher machine availability and greater efficiency and transparency in the packaging process.

Our MULTIVAC Smart Services are cloud-based services and web applications, which have access to our process data and machine parameters, as well as the profound expert knowledge of MULTIVAC - so that they create real added value for you.


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An overview of our Smart Services



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Smart Production Dashboard


Smart Production Dashboard

By using the Smart Production Dashboard, MULTIVAC customers always keep an eye on their packaging process. For example, this means differences in output can be detected between various shifts at an early state. Even long-term trends can be plotted, allowing suitable measures to be taken quickly. Key performance indicators are visualised live and transparently – in the office or even remotely and therefore very flexibly via a tablet, computer or a smart TV right at your production facilities.


Smart OEE Analyzer


Smart OEE Analyzer

Do you want to increase the performance of your packaging process? By using the MULTIVAC Smart OEE Analyzer, you have the availability of an intelligent tool, which visualises the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of a MULTIVAC machine live in an interactive dashboard, and enables you to optimise the machine settings very quickly. The OEE is itemised according to availability, output and quality. This means reasons for poor effectiveness can be easily identified. Filter and zoom functions enable different periods and shifts to be compared.


Smart Log Analyzer


Smart Log Analyzer

Minimise unplanned downtime in your packaging process - with MULTIVAC Smart Log Analyzer! This smart tool evaluates the log data of a MULTIVAC machine and identifies the main reasons for any faults that occur in the analysed time period. These are sorted according to frequency, cause of the downtime and average duration of the downtime, and they are then visualised graphically. Problems can therefore be eliminated in a targeted way, and the effectiveness of your packaging solution is increased significantly.




With our MULTIVAC Pack Pilot, we have redefined the concept of user-friendliness. Our intelligent packaging wizard supports the user when making settings on the packaging line, and this ensures maximum process reliability is achieved.

The aim of Pack Pilot is to produce packs with consistent quality and the maximum pack security. At the same time, machine downtime during set-up is reduced, while input errors are minimised, and the efficiency of the entire packaging process is optimised.

The first and only step is for the operator to enter via the machine's control terminal all the relevant information, which is required from the user's perspective about the item to be packed. This information is processed together with the data automatically provided from the packaging line. The resulting technical parameters can either be adopted as they are, altered individually based on personal experience, or even partly or entirely discarded. And if the machine has been configured incorrectly, Pack Pilot can also help in restoring a functioning configuration.


Smart Data Backup


Smart Data Backup

You are always on the safe side with MULTIVAC Smart Data Backup!

Thanks to this really smart tool, the settings on a MULTIVAC packaging machine are always backed up automatically in a protected online domain. Smart Data Backup runs smoothly in the background without adversely affecting your packaging process. It can be accessed very flexibly from anywhere via a browser. All the settings can be downloaded from this smart service at any time and simply restored as required.


Smart Machine Report


Smart Machine Report

A high-end control tool for use by both the shift supervisor and management. In the Smart Machine Report are contained all the analysis reports for your machine, which are generated automatically and at regular intervals for downloading, and which can also be distributed to other people. These clear and informative reports allow comparisons to be made between machines and shifts, as well as providing information about recipes and recipe changes, and they also enable the performance of the entire packaging process to be evaluated. The data is stored centrally and can be called up quickly and conveniently at any time from a PC or smartphone.


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